21 Days to a New You: In-Depth Yoga Teacher Training in Bali’s Serene Beauty

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

At times, there is a time when we feel stuck at a place, a mindset, or a lifestyle where we think and believe that our lives keep going on a loop like a dead pool with no end so far. Do you also feel the same? Well, it’s not unusual, and there can be many reasons behind it, like maybe your body, mind, and spirit are craving a change that can help you feel refreshed, relaxed, and new.

So if you are nodding all along after reading what we have asked above, then a 200 Hour yoga teacher training course in the stunning and incredible beauty of Bali is exactly what will make you feel alive again. This stunning place offers breathtaking views and the perfect atmosphere to perform various yoga practices and find peace within.

Amidst a variety of courses to choose from, our 21-day YTT programme is a carefully crafted programme that is created to not only give your yoga practice a certain depth but to also offer you adequate knowledge to guide others in their journeys too. It is your golden passport to a life-changing experience where, in just three weeks, you will explore all the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of yoga and how it can change your life completely.

What to Expect from Our 21-Day Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 21-Day Yoga Teacher Training Programme is a specifically curated course that is designed to offer all the students the appropriate timing and skill set to complete their theoretical as well as practical learning of this ancient practice. The schedule goes like this:

Morning sessions with an energized and centered focus

Your day will begin with Vinyasa flow classes, which are followed by pranayama exercises to fill your body with energy and remove any sense of sleep or tiredness. Then you will learn to enhance your focus through guided meditation sessions and traditional mantra chanting classes, which will help you set the tone for the day. After which, you will be served a nutritious breakfast to fuel your body with energy and prepare it for the day.

Midday classes with a focus on growing and learning

After nourishing your body, you will be taken to the ancient history, philisophy, and all the theoretical learning of yoga to make you understand its roots. Here, you will explore various ancient sutras with a thorough learning of anatomy and physiology to help you build the skills to guide others and yourself in yoga postures and alignments safely. After this, you will have your lunch to recharge your body for the remaining training.

Afternoon sessions to deepen your teaching and yoga practice

After taking some rest, you will be put into the teaching classes, in which you will learn various essential teaching techniques, including the art of providing clear instructions, offering safe adjustments, and tutoring classes for all levels of students. After which, you will be given the chance to put your own practice into refinement and explore your potential, in which case you can even take help from fellow students for practice and constructive feedback.

Evenings Time to connect and reflect your personality

Evening time is mostly filled with some fun and cultural immersion activities in which you can visit temples and places to explore the rich culture of Bali. After which, at a certain given time, you will be served dinner, where you can chat and share your experience with your fellow yogis and build friendships with like-minded people. After-dinner time is all reserved for you to relax or self-study.

Note: This schedule may vary depending on the situation, so you better check first before applying to clear up any confusion.

Dive Deeper: A Journey Beyond the Asana

Mastering the art of teaching and practice is the core element of this programme, but it is not everything you will get from this course; instead, it is only the first step towards a broad transformative and life-changing journey yet to be explored and experienced. The thorough learning of the history of this ancient practice and yogic philosophy will help you find peace while providing spiritual growth alongside the physical transformation.

You can also find the connection between your mind and body and learn how our emotions directly influence our physical well-being, through which you can achieve happiness and good health. Through deep and driven daily practice, you can challenge your limitations, learn about your potential while exploring your inner world, and become a more skilled and empowered version of yourself.

Find Yourself: How YTTC Empowers You Even if You Don’t Want to Teach

People have different approaches to their lives; some want to pursue a career after completing a course, and some won’t. They just want to learn and gain knowledge, and that’s completely okay. Yoga teacher training is a course that offers an array of benefits, including a deeper connection with your body, a confident personality, and a calmer mind.

This programme has been a life-changing journey for many, on and off the mat, even though teaching and leading classes were not their ultimate als. You will gain an understanding and knowledge of philosophy, which will help you tackle daily challenges with more clarity and resilience. This will also get you through the journey of discovering your inner self, allowing you to live your life in peace.

Are you ready to begin your life-changing journey?

So are you all set to beat the old routine and trade your daily grind for 21 days? Get a changing, refreshing, and mind-blowing experience in the heart of Bali with our 21-day Yoga Teacher Training programme. It is your chance to change the way you live and begin a new life journey, both mentally and physically.

Be sure not to miss the golden opportunity to:

  • Train and practice in the stunning haven of the island of Bali.
  • Become a change-making, powerful, and mindful individual.
  • Know the true potential and power of yoga and philosophy.
  • Be a skilled professional with the help of experienced yoga
  • Change your boring life into one with goals, motives, and inner peace.

Begin your journey now and take the first step today!


Bali is a place that, when we talk about it, looks and feels like it waits for us with its golden beauty and calming atmosphere. It offers the perfect canvas and backdrop for a yogic journey to take place. This 21-day yoga teacher training programme is way more than just a course and acquiring skills to teach. It is an envelope filled with all the knowledge, practice, and everything you need to help you be a master of yourself and have a deepened connection with your inner self.

It’s like having one chance in a million when you know what you want and you get the chance to reach your goal, so you better not let this chance pass you by. Grab it, take it, and live it, for your own benefit. And if you are looking for a renowned school to join the course, then Bali Yogshala is the perfect fit for you. We offer different courses to tailor to the different needs of individuals; you can browse them and enroll in one that better suits your timing and situation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bali and guiding you on your path to a new you!

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali