A Day in the Life of Yoga Teacher Training Student

yoga teacher training students with yoga alliance certficate in their hands

You are embarking on the best yoga teacher training in Bali with Bali Yogshala. You get to experience many wondrous moments. Apart from giving you enough knowledge and skills in yoga, we also help in your personal growth.

As a student of Bali Yogshala, you get to explore numerous aspects of yoga, spirituality, nature, and surroundings. Now, if you want to know more on a day of Bali Yog shala’s yoga teacher training students, browse the blog further.

Start with Vedic Hawan

Yoga aspirants start their yoga teacher training in Bali at Bali Yogshala with Vedic Hawan or Fire Altar Ceremony. It is a traditional ritual rooted in Vedic tradition and holds great importance in the practice of yoga.

With this ceremony, practitioners harness the sacred and purifying energies into their lives that help in their transformation, invoking blessings from the divine forces. The rhythmic chanting of mantras, the offering of ghee, herbs, and grains into the fire, and the collective prayers create an atmosphere of reverence and spiritual upliftment.

Vedic Hawan serves as a powerful tool for purifying the mind, body, and spirit, fostering inner peace, harmony, and connection with the higher consciousness, making it an integral part of the yogic journey.

Now, let’s move to the day of a yoga student during their yoga teacher training in Bali at Bali Yogshala.


A day at the best yoga training in Bali starts with a 30-minute morning Pranayama Session. It is a refreshing session that helps you in starting your day with clarity and vitality.

With the rejuvenating practice of breathing techniques, practitioners stimulate energy flow, oxygenate the body, and calm the mind. Yoga students during the practice cultivate a sense of centeredness and presence.

Morning sessions of pranayama prepare students to embrace the day with focus, balance, and inner peace.

Ashtanga Practice

After clearing the nostrils blockage and inhaling the fresh air, now it’s time for a 1 hour and 30 minutes session of Ashtanga practice during Bali Yogshala’s yoga teacher training in Bali.

Ashtanga or Eight Limbs Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga which synchronizes breath with a step of postures. It generates internal heat that helps in detoxifying the body.

The practice cultivates strength, flexibility, and mindfulness through a structured sequence of poses.


After 2 hours of practice, now it’s time to gain enough energy for your body. Bali Yogshala serves fresh and hygienic meals to its students by focusing on the nutritional value of the food.

You all get to eat with your fellow mates where you don’t just eat the meals but also create memories with your friends.

Yoga Philosophy

You are attending the best yoga teacher training in Bali with Bali Yogshala, so, it is obvious that we don’t focus on a single aspect. Besides practical classes, we also emphasize theoretical classes.

During the 1 hour class on yoga philosophy, students get to know about the ancient wisdom of various yogic texts such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and so on.

Hatha & Vinyasa Practice

After half an hour, students get prepared for Hatha & Vinyasa yoga practice. The practice of Hatha yoga focuses on static poses and breathwork. It goes with alignment, strength, and flexibility.

On the other hand, the Vinyasa class creates dynamic movements and flowing sequences. The class will be 1:30 hour long where you learn under the guidance of veteran professionals and instructors.


12:30 to 2 PM is fixed for a lunch break. Wash your hands and get ready to eat with your fellow mates. Eating together fosters social bonds and strengthens relationships.

A hygienic Sattvic meal is provided to the students as it is considered the best for performing physical activities like yoga.

Ayurveda & Chakra

The yoga teacher training in Bali by Bali Yogshala includes a class on Ayurveda and Chakra where you get to know about them deeply.

Ayurveda is an ancient and holistic medicinal science which originated from nature. It states that every cure is present in nature, we just have to follow some rules to stay fit and healthy.

In a Chakras class, yoga aspirants explore the energy centers within the body, learning about their significance, functions, and associated practices such as meditation and yoga poses.

Anatomy and Alignment

The evening class of Anatomy and Alignment covers essential information on various aspects. It describes the mechanics of the human body, focusing on how bones, muscles, and joints interact in yoga postures.

Through detailed instruction and hands-on exploration, students learn proper alignment principles to prevent injury, enhance performance, and deepen their practice.

Understanding the anatomical aspects of each pose empowers practitioners to tailor their practice to their individual needs, promoting safety, efficacy, and mindfulness on the mat.

Yin Yoga

The 1 hour and 30 minutes class of Yin Yoga lets participants engage in a slow-paced practice that targets the deep connective tissues of the body, promoting flexibility, relaxation, and inner awareness.

Yin Yoga offers a meditative experience that cultivates patience, mindfulness, and a sense of calm.


The last class of the day will be 30 30-minute Meditation class. During this, students cultivate inner peace through guided meditation practices.

Practicing this helps you let go of all the negative thoughts and frees your mind with boundaries. You feel relaxed with this.


After all the practices, take your dinner with your friends and fellow mates and engage in a talkative session to create memories.